With over thirty years experience recording Jazz, Classical music, Musical Theatre, as well as Film projects, we are used to dealing with most situations - We've even had a Gamalan set up in the studio.

A recent project had a thirteen piece band, but really an eight piece is most comfortable for the space; though we are equally happy recording just voice and piano, or a solo acoustic instrument.

Recording and mixing are captured digitally at high sample rate through a high end analogue desk, which gives a beautiful result, whatever the material.

we use Digital Performer, now version 8, which has the remarkable feature of recording four seconds before you hit the record button - so never a missed start…

Editing & Mixing

Modern software can perform 'miracles', subtly combining the best of various takes, changing between different instruments at different times.

using a graphics tablet, instead of a mouse, ensures edits are quick and accurate.

a stereo mix printed when recording a session enables takes to be analysed later, without using valuable studio time.

Once all the takes have been chosen and edits made the sound can be sculpted into shape, ready for it's end use, CD, Web, Film, or stage.


Mastering can bring a final polish to the sound, letting the richness of a crafted mix come through on smaller speakers.

Waves mastering software provides the necessary tools, although sometimes one may find that only a remix will do…

As well as producing CD Masters, we can now produce an all-digital version, called a DDP Master - which cannot be scratched.

The DDP Master can be listened to with customised licensed software (supplied) to check the sound, track order, gaps, cd text info and ISRC codes - all from your own computer.

DDP Masters are normally supplied securely over the internet via dropbox, any changes can then be sorted and the final master forwarded to a DDP enabled duplication facility, such as discwizards.

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